Attracting the Right Hire

Attracting the right hire

Talent Focus Search is a boutique executive search firm operating across the globe with a focus on executive placements in the Consumer Goods, Oil and Gas, Industrial Chemicals, Pharmaceutical and Retail sectors.

We work in close partnership with mid-size and Fortune 500 companies, to identify, headhunt and place high-potential candidates that will help them shape and fulfilled their business ambitions.

Our reputation for word-class services has been hard-earned by exceeding our client’s expectations and delivering the highest standards in placing high-quality candidates.

Our added value lies in our multicultural, dedicated team of experienced consultants that have the knowledge and resources to identify and nurture top talent for our clients.

So, what is the cost of the wrong hire?

There are numerous costs associated with the wrong  hire, both direct and indirect.

Direct costs include:

– Unrecoverable Salary  

– Wasted Management Time  

– Training Costs  

– Recruitment Agency Fee  

– Lost Productivity

Indirect Costs include:

– Lost Team Productivity  

– Indirect Staff Turnover  

– Loss Of Business

– Impact On Reputation

– Lost Productivity

The extent of these costs, especially as they pertain to executive hires, can stretch into the millions. So, how can you avoid this?

For us, it’s about an approach and way of working that guarantees we are putting forward candidates that are not only suitable for the immediate role, but also the long-term needs of the organization.

How do we achieve this?

We get under the skin and into the DNA of each client and gather an intense understanding of exactly what they seek- short and long term. We are then able to use our expertise, knowledge and experience to find talent that is a perfect fit the FIRST TIME. The best part? We are experts in engaging with passive candidates from around the globe, meaning we can be putting forward incredible talent that other companies often miss.

Our USP in numbers

By identifying the right talent first time, we don’t just save you money. We save you time and valuable resources.

We believe the numbers speak for themselves. They truly do make us unique.

And, alongside this, another Unique Selling Point is that we offer our clients a consistent point of contact for all your needs. You get the benefit of a dedicated Account Manager that is an expert in all things you – from your business, to your culture, to the underlying DNA of your business and what your goals and aspirations are. Both generally, and in terms of team.

This is another method of working that helps us to get it right first time, again saving you time and money.

Why do our clients continue to partner with us?

• Head-Hunt

We adopt a forensic and consultative approach for each search and by using multiple channels and techniques we effectively and speedily access both passive and active candidates without advertising the vacancy or client. We have deep experience on how to assess and identify top talent and attract those we deem best-fit for our clients.

• Succession Planning and your Future Leaders 

 Our clients trust us to increase their talent pool and bench strength by providing a strong network of International high potentials, who are promotable and listed on their fast-track development plan

 • High Retention Rates

98% retention rates first 12 months / 95% over a 5-year period.

 We take pride in getting the RIGHT hire and our long-term retention rates demonstrate this. Furthermore, our candidates are frequently selected  for promotions and listed as high potentials.

• Process Management

Each search requirement is unique, and so our powerful and unique in-house approach, through trust and collaboration we complete each search effectively and within a timely fashion.

These and other attributes of partnering with Talent Focus Search is what makes us unique. We have a track record of building lasting partnerships with each of our clients, substantially saving them time and money by consistently getting the Right hire the FIRST time.

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