Approach & Key Results

When it comes to delivering world-class services, organizations choose to work with us because they know that no other firm works harder or goes above-and-beyond to IDENTIFY AND DELIVER the best possible candidates. We’ve earned our reputation with our 33 years’ combined experience, thanks to our in-depth market knowledge and a nurtured global network of both active and passive high-potential talent. 


MIS-HIRES and LENGTHY JOB OPENINGS are expensive and can impact employees engagement. We are committed to saving our clients time and money by consistently getting the hire right FIRST TIME! 

Boutique Approach

We access the best global talent through a single and consistent point of contact. Each search is led and managed personally by our dedicated team of experienced and highly skilled Consultants. We won’t bombard you or waste your time with “maybes”. You will only be presented with candidates that have gone through a 4-5 hour deep qualification process. 


We adopt a forensic and consultative approach for each search. Using multiple channels and techniques, we effectively and speedily access both passive and active candidates without advertising the vacancy or client. We have extensive experience in assessing and identifying top talent, and in attracting those we deem best-fit for our clients – regardless of whether they’re actively searching.


International approach

We offer a network of high-potential, diverse, multicultural, internationally mobile candidates who are eager to grow and make an immediate impact in your business.

Succession planning and your future leaders

Our clients trust us to increase their talent pool and bench strength by providing a strong network of international high-potentials, who are promotable and listed on their fast-track development plan.

To succeed is our mission

We are determined and diligent. No matter how hard or complex a talent search can be, we deliver and accomplish our high-quality placements

High Retention Rates

98% retention rates first 12 months/ 95% over a 5 year period.

Now more than ever, living in a VUCA world, it’s important and essential that we facilitate a smooth transition and integration into a corporate culture that is likely not only new to the candidate, but to the business itself. This is why we work closely post- placement with our clients & candidates. We also offer a 12-month guarantee: on the rare occasion one of our candidates leaves the business within 12 months, we will source a replacement at no cost to the client.


Process Management

We know that every search requirement is unique. That is why we have developed such as robust and powerful in-house approach. Through trust and collaboration, we complete every search effectively, quickly, and efficiently.