Who We Are

Talent Focus Search was founded to deliver an international and premium experience for our stakeholders as an Executive Search Boutique firm. 

Acting as a trusted advisor, we provide tailored global talent solutions and operate across the globe, through a broad range of and our expertise spans across many sectors and markets including Fast Moving Consumer Goods FMCG, Oil and Gas, Industrial Chemicals, Professional Services, Pharmaceutical and Retail.

Our reputation for word-class services has been hard-earned by exceeding our client’s expectations and delivering the highest standards in placing high-quality candidates.


We work in close partnership with mid-size and Fortune 500 companies, to identify, head-hunt  headhunt and place high-potential candidates that will help them  go on to shape and fulfil their business ambitions. 

Our added value lies in our multicultural, dedicated team of experienced consultants that have the knowledge and resources to identify and nurture top talent for our clients. 

Meet The Partners

Ana Valente

Fasten your seatbelts and meet Ana, our on-fire founder. High-energy and lover of challenges. Living Melting Pot and Globetrotter, she has lived in Africa, China, Australia and Europe. Candid, hard-worker and persistent. She loves to reach the impossible. Storyteller and advice giver. Word-class high standards. Passionate head-hunter. Degree in Psychology from the University of New South Wales. 


Fluent in Spanish, English, Portuguese and learning German. Give Ana a challenge and it will become an achieved goal. She’s always one step ahead of everyone. With her go-getter mindset, she never gives up. Everyone loves to work with Ana because they know she’s capable of achieving the impossible while delivering a win-win situation for all. Her authentic interest and ability in matching the right candidate to the right client helps establish long- term partnerships with her clients and candidates. 

Ana’s multicultural background and passion for diversity ensure a perfect fit for identifying global minded candidates that match the DNA of our clients. When she’s not busy finding the “high-quality needle” in a haystack (headhunting) or negotiating with her twin daughters, she’s planning her next trip. 





Lidia Martinez

Meet Lidia, our full of energy and contagiously happy partner. Loyal and full truth teller. Passionate about customer experience and headhunting. Self- motivated and result- oriented. Natural problem-solver. Degree in International Law from Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. Fluent in Spanish, Catalan and English.


Having lived and worked in the UK for over 7 years she is used to headhunting for clients all around the world. Clients and candidates love to work with Lidia. 


She has the ability to deliver top-notch results while sharing her infectious zest for life. Through her active listener nature and customer-oriented mindset, she will go to great lengths in reaching clients’ needs and candidate’s interests. She loves spending time with her son Aleix, and being a Taekwondo black belt she is always finding time to practice her kicks and punches!

TFS Consultants

Our added value lies in our multicultural, dedicated team of experienced consultants spread across international global locations that have the knowledge and resources to identify and nurture top talent for our clients.